Saturday, 7 July 2012

Help For Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a direct impact on the brain. The great force experienced by the brain during an impact causes a change in cerebral blood flow and this pressure can cause loss of cognitive capacity. A person that has been affected by TBI can experience negative social and emotional effects which can alter their behavior permanently. For this reason persons that have TBI have to be taken for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and recreation therapy during the early stages of this condition so as to regain normal body function. 

TBI survivors or sufferers are therefore encouraged to join a Traumatic brain injury network so they can interact with persons that have survived the condition. Interaction amongst TBI sufferers and survivors helps introduce new sufferers to techniques and therapies that are proven to effectively correct the condition. Interaction with other TBI sufferers allows one to gather courage from real life stories of people that are leaving but copping with the condition as well as those that have managed to triumph against it.

Brain injury support networks also introduce TBI sufferers to modern technology that can help them also become part of the TBI survivor population that keeps increasing as more and more people are triumphing against the condition. These networks also allow people to interact thus helping them develop their social skills. This is very important for during rehabilitation TBI sufferers can find it difficult to accept their situation as they were normal at one point in time. Because of that they can end resenting social interaction. Resenting social interaction is not good as it slows down the rate of recovery. In actual fact TBI sufferers need to interact with many people as possible so as to trigger their cognitive facet of the brain.

TBI treatment is supposed to begin as an emergency following the injury. This is meant to prevent further damage of the brain. TBI support groups provide essential information to TBI sufferers so they know where and how they can get treatment for the condition. TBI support groups also help TBI sufferers fight against the effect of trauma caused by the injury. If rehabilitation is done in the correct way TBI sufferers can avoid their condition developing to the chronic or acute stage. Once TBI become chronic or acute the risk of death increases. TBI support groups are there to help people stop deteriorating to the chronic or acute stage of TBI.

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